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PAK-FA Landing

Official name: PAK-FA or T-50.
Manufactured: Sukhoi (Russia).
Type: Fifth-generation air-superiority fighter.
Propulsion: Duel Saturn engines currently in development
Maximum speed: ~Mach 2.5
Max supercruise speed: 800-1100 MPH
Range: 3,400 mi.
Empty weight: 40,786 lbs.
Loaded weight: 57,320 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 81,571 lbs.
Wingspan: 46′ 7”.
Length: 72′ 2”.
Height: 19′ 10”.
Wing area: 848 ft².
Thrust to weight ratio: 1.2.
Weaponry: 2×30 mm cannons with 8 hardpoints.
Development Status: First flight Jan. 29, 2010, with deliveries expected to begin between 2012 and 2015.
Analysis: Similar in design to American fifth gen. aircraft and intended to combat said aircraft head-to-head and to compete with American aircraft in the export market.

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